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Life is Too Short Not to Hear Your Best

Hearing plays a significant role in our overall quality of life and is an integral part of our social and emotional well-being. Hearing enables us to connect with others, feel included and live with independence The power of hearing can strengthen our relationships with friends and family, enhance our experiences of music, TV shows, and movies, and even make nature, activities, and events more immersive and enjoyable.

However, the loss of our hearing can be a tremendous loss to our lives. It can deprive us of important connections, make us feel isolated and alone, and prevent us from living the rich and fulfilling life that we all deserve.

Life is too short to not enjoy the best hearing possible. With our help, we can ensure that you always have the best hearing experience possible.

The Hearing Journey — Five Steps to Better Hearing

Most people who have hearing loss aren’t born with it. Instead, hearing loss creeps up on us over time, usually caused by exposure to loud noises, aging, or some combination of the two.
And unlike vision impairment — which we fix as soon as it becomes a problem — too often we push off treating hearing loss. One obvious factor is the impact of each impairment. Driving, reading, watching TV and working at a computer are difficult when our vision is compromised. But we can cope with or work around hearing issues — at least in the short term.
Eventually, hearing loss starts to affect our lives and either we decide or someone strongly suggests that we look into it. This is when the hearing journey officially begins. 

Step 1: Test your Hearing

If you show one or more of these signs, you should get your hearing tested:

  • Being told by others that you have hearing loss
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • Turning the TV to a volume others find loud
  • Having trouble understanding conversations in noisy places
  • Difficulty hearing women and children’s voices
  • Feeling like others are mumbling
  • Avoiding social situations that were once enjoyable

You can test your hearing by using our free online hearing test. Better yet, schedule a comprehensive audiological examination with us — to get a precise and accurate measurement of your hearing.

Step 2: Join the Club

If it turns out you have hearing loss, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States, and is more prevalent than diabetes or cancer1. Millions of people have hearing loss, including:

  • Half of US adult 60 and older2
  • Two-thirds of adults over 703
  • Four of five people 85+4

Step 3: Know the Effects of Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss is a common problem that can have serious consequences for our overall health and wellbeing. Many people often dismiss hearing loss as something that can be easily managed or ignored, however extensive research has shown otherwise. In fact, untreated hearing loss can lead to physical and mental health issues and significantly impact our quality of life. The growing list of issues linked to hearing loss includes:

  • Relationship issues
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Social isolation
  • Depression
  • Cognitive decline and dementia
  • And more

Untreated hearing loss will prevent you from living your best life. How can we help you take action to prioritize your hearing health today?

Step 4: Seek Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss may lead to irreversible issues. Take action now and start treatment by making an appointment with us. Our experienced team of hearing health professionals have the necessary equipment to perform comprehensive audiological evaluations to accurately diagnose your condition. From there, we can recommend the best solutions and treatment protocols tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for your hearing health. Don't delay, contact us today to take the first step towards better hearing.

"If you want to address hearing loss well, do it sooner rather than later … before brain structural changes take place." 
        - Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medicine

Step 5: Hear Better!

Our patients often tell us that they wish they had taken the steps to treat their hearing loss sooner, and we're certain that you'll share the same sentiment. Treating your hearing loss can have a profound impact on your life. It can make you feel more connected and informed, safe and engaged, confident and independent. It can improve your relationships with friends and family, ensure that you never miss out on important moments again, and make listening to music, watching TV, and experiencing the outdoors and events more enjoyable and immersive.

Better hearing can transform people's lives, and we believe it can transform yours too. Take the first step today by making an appointment with us.



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